A memento.

Discovered on the Sundown Path.


"A portable telescopic lens, used for stargazing.

The Sundown Path once held breathtaking views of the stars, the mountains, and the sea. Now only the stars remain."


To Rucks: "Only the stars remain on the horizon. The mountains are gone. We're no closer to the stars now, are we?"

  • "We could always see the stars. We just never could reach 'em, no matter how high we built..."

To Zulf: "Maybe this can help you take your mind off things. You could help us find new Skyway paths."

  • "Zulf offers to help me plot the Skyways for the Kid. 'At least the Calamity hasn't touched the stars,' he says."

To Zia: "Not much to see out there beyond the Bastion, but maybe you'll find something."

  • "Sure the world's all gone t' pieces farther than the eye can see...but leave it to this gal to point out the amazin' view."

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