The following is a list of Secret Skills found in the game Bastion.

Each skill costs 1 Black Tonic to use.

Secret Skills can be swapped at Arsenals.

Secret Skills

Weapon Specific Skills

Cael Hammer

  • Whirl Wind
  • Stunning Wallop

Fang Repeater

  • Bolt Burst
  • Snooze Dart

Breaker's Bow

  • Dancing Shot
  • Breaker Volley

War Machete

  • Ghost Blade
  • Graver Slash

Scrap Musket

  • Scrap Salvo
  • Final Warning

Dueling Pistols

  • Duel Decider
  • Slinger Storm

Brusher's Pike

Army Carbine

  • Breaching Bullet
  • Trigger Blitz

Flame Bellows

  • Burning Carousel
  • Ring Of Fire

Galleon Mortar

  • Turret Surprise
  • Bomb Barrage

Calamity Cannon

  • Mancer Missile
  • Calamity Rockets


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