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  • Soldierscuzzy

    Logan Cunningham, the voice behind the character Rucks in Bastion, has announced that he will be hosting the first ever New York Video Game Critics Awards.

    The New York Video Game Critics Awards is a planned yearly event, with the first ceremony happening on February 2nd. For more details on the event, check out the article at PopGamer. With the narrator of Bastion hosting the ceremony, do you think there will be a good chance that the game could win any awards? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Soldierscuzzy

    Bastion, the awesome action/RPG released for PC and XBLA, has found a new home on your browser. With the advances in Google's Chrome browser, games can now be downloaded and played almost immediately. In just a few minutes, I was playing through the demo. I haven't tried getting the full game yet, but because it would be tied to your google account, you can sign in anywhere and pick up the game right where you left off. Try it out for yourself if you are using Chrome by clicking the link right here. And if you are also interested in seeing what other offering the Chrome app store has, see all the games by clicking over here.

    Will this get you to try Bastion, or will you send this to friends for them to try out on their own? Let us know in t…

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