Vineapples are a family of flora that grows in the Wild. There are at least two variations of this plant.



Vineapple green
Green vineapples are benevolent.

They grant +5 XP when destroyed.

The also heal the player for a significant amount when destroyed.


Yellow vineapples are extremely sensitive.

Any contact or attacks trigger an explosion that damages the vineapple's surroundings.


Encountered during the Army Carbine Proving Ground (Trigger Hill). Explodes instantly upon being damaged.


Only one is ever encountered in the game. It is encountered at Point Lemaigne, near a Lunkhead. Like Orange vinapples, it explodes on contact, but does not deal damage. It does, however, deal a large amount of knockback.


Vineapple chowder was a hot Caelondian dish popular for cold days; Black Rye is said to be reminiscent of its flavour.

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