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is the fourth discovered character in the game Bastion and a survivor of the Calamity. The Kid encounters her in Prosper Bluff by following the sound of her singing.

She is an Ura who was born and raised in Caelondia, and as a consequence, knows little of her Uran heritage.


Zia's past is explored in Who Knows Where via her stockpot.


Role in Bastion

Shortly after the Kid falls into Prosper Bluff, he is startled by the sound of a woman's voice. Following the melody, the Kid eventually finds Zia's campsite and convinces her to return with him to the Bastion.

Zia brings her treasured guitar and her father's Hidebound Journal, which she is unable to read herself. She pitches a tent near the Monument and is supposedly a skilled cook. After the Kid returns twice from the Wilds with eggs, she hatches the anklegator and the pecker.

After Zulf leaves the Bastion, he eventually sends a messenger with a letter for Zia. He claims to have discovered the truth of the Calamity and encourages her to also leave the Bastion. When the Ura attack, Zia vanishes, leaving behind her precious guitar. Believing that she has been kidnapped, The Kid pursues the Ura for 7 days before finally recovering her. Zia confesses that she wished to witness the truth herself, but willingly returns to the Bastion.


Zia speaks to the player for the first time during the final event of the game. She encourages the player to select the Evacuation ending, as her happiest moments have all occurred after the Calamity.

If the player chooses the Resurrection ending, she appears during the credits with a wistful, lonely expression. If the player chooses the Evacuation ending, she is depicted as cheerfully looking forward to the future.

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